Nurturing the growth of eco-friendly design

We have unique contacts with international manufacturers of raw materials which has inspired us to create new products and bring them to market for the benefit of all of us … and the planet!

We work with young and young at heart people who want to:
– explore inner designer capabilities working with international eco-products
– be inspired to learn new skills to solve manufacturing issues to suit products
– showcase and sell designs (if appropriate).

Designs are rigorously QA checked in the UK. We want to to be as happy using these eco-products as we are making and selling them. We hold workshops that teach key manufacturing and design skills. We use DBA checked staff with their unique skills to work with workshop participants to pass on their expertise. With easy hints and tips and boxed kits for each activity as a basis, all the resources needed are provided for up to three projects per 2 hour session. Participants can keep whichever of the three they prefer and buy or let us finish or recycle the remainder.. We try to reduce waste and increase scope to be inventive and add individual designer flair.

Contact us to ‘tell us you are interested in participating in a workshop’.