Today, Sir David Attenborough gives the UN Climate Change conference COP24 a Peoples Seat. Have YOUR say NOW at #TakeYourSeat at Katowice. Demand action including removing plastic bags completely from High Streets. This could be the most important 5 minutes of ‘Make a Difference on a Monday’ we will all do in your lifetime. #ClimateChange Please, help Made in Walden make that change.

Show your support with your business brand or personal message on your 2019 bags and share your environmentally friendly message. 

    Plant Gift bag      

Printed bags, embroidered bags, 100% jute fabric gift bags.Made in Walden CIC are doing everything we can during the UN Climarte Change conference #COP24 in make a difference HERE and NOW. What are you doing?
Will UN SG Worksheets help you create a calendar to publicise your efforts and successes in 2019.

Much of Business in the Community BitC is unfortunately aimed at larger businesses, and of course we can all make a difference, however small, by simply adding just ONE action for a UN SG area each week. Make it official, track your changes by writing a record of your agreed actions on the worksheet. Only by APPLYING actions to US and OUR SITUATION will we be really ready to sit at our desk, take our Peoples seat at Climate Change conference and take our responsible actions. 

BitC summary and worksheet

There’s BAGS we can all do to help!