Introducing our first SIGNATURE BAG

We want to share our success and hope you will agree that Amanda’s Piglet bag is awesome! Well done Amanda!

Piglet Bag made by Amanda with a little help.

Signature Bag by Amanda

Amanda’s bag is made mostly from JUTE-COTTON, an environmentally friendly, reusable product, but … she has added a fleece piglet face from our kit and there’s a suprise on the back. More about that later.

The face is simply a fleece circle lined in cotton, two fleece ears also lined in cotton a couple of felt eyes embroidered, a nose made from two ovals spaced by a zip on the top, pink cotton strip underneath. Frilly lace, trim and deep pink handles completed the look. The nose is lined with cotton for strength and stability. During our workshop, Amanda’s friend Laura and myself, discovered that fleece alone easily forms holes, so … (oops, we learned from mistakes) and everyone on the workshop took longer to line and stabilise it – we developed oodles of patience and practice. Great designer skill learning ladies. The shopping bag measures approximately 35x35x27cm with plenty of room for shopping or even clothes for an overnight stay. Quite a bit bigger than the piglet gift bag.

Improving, tailor-making and tweaking never stops. It is great we have a supportive group of designers, creators and makers to put together kits. We must not forget to thank John for suggesting a brown zip to emphasise the nose, being darker than the pink cotton beneath, makes the animal look sad, with a downturned mouth look. Year 9 students at Melbourn Village College discussing Product Manager roles in their Careers Carousel, saw the bag before the trim and handles were added. Love to have your feedback guys. Amanda has limited mobility, but with help from everyone at ECL and Made in Walden staff, we have a great product. However, the final say is hers, so… “Amanda, would the wooden toggle be better as an eco friendly ‘jewel’ on the frill bow? Should we use a little velcro to fasten the front pocket? Are the bag handles long enough to span your wheelchair?” Accessibility decisions AND the final look are down to you Amanda in creating your SIGNATURE BAG.

If you want a kit to make, including the bag, thread, all the fabric pre-cut and instructions and the option of tweaking your bag to suit your needs (or whoever you make it for).
In this series, we also have a lion, bear, tiger and rabbit. Yes, we ALL achieved thanks to Lottery funding kick start. Order your kit now.

We will be introducing more signature bags with very different designs soon, so do link with us at Made in Walden CIC on facebook, subscribe to our blog and emails, chat with us, send us photos of your crafts and please buy products to support us. We would love to make Designer Workshops available to more people, young and young at heart with more skill options to suit you and your friends. How can we help?

Deb Stevens,
for Made in Walden CIC (with help from Amanda ! ) 
PS. On the back of the bag? A curly pink pipecleaner tail of course!

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