In the countdown to the festive season … we want to help you do your bit for the environment AND carry your shopping home. That’s why we have a fantastic festive offer of Medium square side versions of shopping bags in jute cotton reduced from £9.00 to £5.00 starting on 5th November right through until 5th January while stocks last! Hi 5’s all round! Each has a square front and back but have extra deep sides so still hold an impressive volume.

That’s not all, we also have available our fabulous leather waterbuffalo handle jute bags reduced to £8.00 and we will add a free shoulder strap.

You can customise any of these bags with an inside cotton or polyester cotton zipped pocket for just £1 extra; perfect for safely tucking away your purse, phone and keys yet still within reach.

The square shopping bags can also be customised for just £2 extra with an external zipped pocket in a pattered, printed or decorated cotton pocket stitched into the full width and depth of the front or back panel and £4 extra for both front and back panels plus top cover! These bags will make a fantastic gift for friends or family or for yourself making a quick and convenient overnight bag. Choose from bright colours, pastels, stylish elegant stripes or themes like peter rabbit, cars and holidays.

Coming soon are our jute Santa sacks – more in our next post.
The velvet edged Santa sacks are so luxurious we are sure children will love them and you will like the fact they show you care about the environment. Also out soon is a festive stylish range of eco tablewear. Jute is very environmentally friendly and can be reused, recycled and is 100% biodegradable
…so family and friends will be amazed at how stylishly you can give hope to our planet’s wildlife.