Shipping Policy

Made in Walden CIC typically dispatch product within one week of receiving your order, compatible artwork and cleared payment. This is normally enough time to manufacture your product, print or embroider, heat seal or press your item, confirm it meets our exacting quaslity standards and package it securely. Phew! If your order is exceptionally large or complex or (it seems) everyone we know wants orders like yours on the same day when equipment is temperamental … we could need to work overtime, faster stronger and harder than normal – and we are pretty determined working hard to complete orders ontime anyway! We have adjusted machines so they work pretty much straight from turning on in the morning for most uses and are very reliable but even we can’t guarantee against power outage, disasters, floods, famine … So if any of major difficulties do arise, we will do our utmost to resolve them and still ship your order asap! 

We will notify you if there is a problem. If we cannot complete your order, we will return payments received by us as soon as possible. 

If we do not have stock in the UK, we will notify you of expected delivery date and check the urgency of your order. It may be possible to expedite orders with for example air freight, partial order completion. Every order is important to us, so we want to maintain a good two way dialogue and understanding of each others situation. You want your order a day earlier than planned? You need it to be delivered to a different address because you are exhibiting? Until it’s shipped, we will try our hardest to meet your needs and changed circumstances, and ask that you appreciate our service too.


Refund & Exchange Policy

 Personalised returns are not possible, because they cannot be unprinted or unembroidered. We also cannot accept plain returns because everything is made to order and we cannot restock. Please do make sure that you sent the correct logo and you checked and approved the design. If we spot a typo – we are fairly eagle eyed and good at that, but not infalible so we always ask you to confirm. You know websites, phone numbers, logo versions you want to promote on bags, so final checks must of course be yours. In the extremely remote possibility that our products are dangerous or it is discovered breech UK health and safety legislation, your rights as a shopper in the UK are unaffected and we will comply with external legal requirements to recall items. We work very hard to double stitch seams, oversew ends, check our supplier fabric meets fairly exhausting standards and is ethically and safely manufactured – we want you to be happy with the quality product we produce and recommend us. If for ANY reason you are unhappy with your product, please do call us immediately so we can adjust processes accordingly. We want satisfied customers, you want a great product that you want to buy more of – and don’t want to return to us!