Today’s ‘Make a difference on a Monday’ challenge for us, is to help make the world a better place with 5 ways to repurpose your old JUTE shopping bag.

Firstly, they last a long time! So we hope – like the Fairy washing up liquid bottles – you get time to plan what you want to do before zipping over to our products page and buying a new one! Here are our 5 suggestions:

1 Wine bottle cooling packs.
How much better is it to take a ready chilled bottle of white wine to your party hosts?
(a) Cut a sausage shape from your old JUTE bag 5″ x 8″. Sew the two long sides together with about 1/4″ seam. Sew up one end. Turn inside out. Fill with ice cubes and tie around the prechilled wine bottle neck with a strand of jute. Place in your bottle bag. (Dont use a paper winebag, wetting it might cause it to break” Tie a fancy ribbon of jute – cut from your bag to decorate it in a rustic manner. Add some folliage if you like. Cold air and liquid sinks so you will quicly chill the whole bottle.
(b) Cut a JUTE panel 12″ x12″. Edge with ribbon or simply zigzag. Wrap around your prechilled wine. Jute is a natural insulator! Tie a ribbon around to decorate nicely or go for a rustic look.

2 Potato bags
Big shopping bags make wonderful potato growing sacks. Fill with 4″ compost. Add your seed potatoes. Cover with another 4″ compost. As leaves emerge, top up with more compost just leaving a few leaves. Potatoes grow from the STEM of the plant. That’s why we earth up.

3 Jewellery display
Natural jute cushions make a great way to protect and display jewelery so if it is your craft, you can order new ones from us or recycle your old JUTE bag. More eco than velvet.

4 Door mat
Take a couple of old JUTE bags remove the front and back panels, sew together binding with the side pieces. Great eco welcome and somewhere to put your wellies when you come in from gardening or your wet shoes to dry on after coming in from a wet winter work walk! (Can you say that fast?

5 Wine bottle or plantpot insulator
If you or a friend is into culturing wine or beer, JUTE makes a greatr insulator. Temperature is so important to the brewing process. Keep in a warm place anyway, but opening doors will cause less of a heat shock! Same applies to plants. Wrap your pot and a good 4″ above your plantpot. Tie losely with JUTE. Helps to reduce artificial plastic fleece fibre. Plant carrier pot gift bags also available from us.