Set fair for Fantastic February Fabricanza

Dame Ellen MacArthur is a renounded round the world yachtswoman. 7th Feb 2005 at about 10.30pm she broke the world record time to sail solo circumnavigating the globe. Since then she set up the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to promote possibly the hardest eco UN Global Charter and UN Sustainabilility Goal ambition to improve the Circular economy. Made in Walden CIC are honouring her sailing and eco achievements by planning a Set fair for Fantastic Fabricanza series of events and we hope you will be inspired to join us as ‘we make bags of difference’.

Our plan for February ‘Make a Difference on a Monday’ can be downloaded as a pdf by clicking the title of this blog. It looks like this:

Every Monday we spend 5 minutes thinking about how we can make the world a better place. We would love you to join in these online events. Join Made in Walden CIC and

  • Share YOUR plan,
  • Share your business’ Make a difference on a Monday discussion and outcomes
  • Comment on ours

We have used the 3 headings from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and selected one for each Monday in February. That means we are one short of course! We came up with a 4th. We decided to explore how we can Monitor, Measure and Maintain our Circular economy goals and actions. By the 20th anniversary next year of Dame Ellens achievement we will have made bags of difference with your help. You can share your environmentally-friendly values by buying Jute bags with your logo and message to share with your customers. They in turn will be showcasing your brand to everyone they pass while shopping, carrying PE and swimming kits and generally meeting lots of people. Plan your eco bag campaign with the same care we are demonstrating with Fantastic February Fabricanza. We are happy listen to your thoughts and look forward to seeing your eco values in print on bags!  If you don’t see what you are looking for in our online shop, we have the resources to provide bespoke solutions that literally ‘won’t cost the earth’.

Our 30 day challenge is to record what we do every day. We started in the last week of January, so Make a difference on a Monday will of course feature prominently for all 4 Mondays in February.together with lots of exciting things in between. You may wonder why I’m personally so keen to follow Dame Ellen’s guidance and so respect her sailing achievement. More on Facebook. .

We look forwards to hearing your comments on facebook, by email or phone.
The phone is usually linked to me but may divert to Jack who is passionate and really knowledgeable about all things Jute having grown up growing this amazing plant, or to Ben who keeps our strategy tight and understands issues affecting us like the planned 10p charge for plastic bags for all retail shops and businesses. He keeps us and therefore you prepared for the surge in demand in biodegradable bags. I do product management, innovation and social media. Chris is a great local networker for us and keeps us smiling. We are ready to expand our team – do join as an associate if you want to be part of our eco CIC.

So, we hope you found our plan for February’s Make a difference on a Monday interesting and a model for developing your business eco ambitions. Here’s to celebrating connecting together and sharing a Fantastic February Fabricanza packed full with information about Jute fibes, planning to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable through a Circular economy,

Deb Stevens
Made in Walden CIC

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