Data Policy

Made in Walden CIC is registered with the Information Commissioners Office. We do not share information with third parties unless required to do so by UK law or within our organisation suppliers who provide services to us to enable our organisation to work effectively. Our suppliers are required by us to maintain our ethical standards and data policy.

We are particularly careful with data relating to children. We have DBA registered staff. Children and family data is retained separately to customer data as safeguarding measures.

We keep records such as invoices for a period of 7 years after which time it may be deleted in compliance with HMRC rules.
You may request to know what information we have about you.

You may request that we delete your information. You cannot rely on electronic evidence you have requested we delete in the event of a dispute.
Made in Walden CIC complies with GDPR and other UK laws.

Our website uses cookies such as Google Analytics to help enhance browsing experience and improve our efficiency. All information on the website is correct at the time it is created. However content, prices and availability is subject to change without notice. If we have agreed a price or delivery schedule we will endeavour to try to meet the terms of that agreement and if problems arise outside our control, discuss them with you.
You may at any time opt out of marketing from us.