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The Bahamas invites you to a world of island-hopping bliss, with its crystal-clear waters and endless horizons. A skilled guide will lead you through the best snorkeling spots, hidden coves, and sun-kissed beaches.

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Sailing Guide Bahamas

Charter a yacht in the Bahamas to discover hidden bays and beaches, soak up the sun and admire the beautiful architecture. As part of the Caribbean islands, it is one of the destinations that people immediately associate with sailing. This comes as no surprise considering the ideal wind conditions and the stunning coastline.

Things to do and see when sailing in the Bahamas

You might be surprised, but the Bahamas has more to offer than picturesque beaches and remote bays. Discover what the capital Nassau has to offer and where to get the most delicious food, but don’t forget to head out to one of the 700 islands that make up this island state.

Activities in the Bahamas

  • Explore Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. Discover the city with a guided walking tour or by yourself. There is so much to see. The colourful houses are one of the most stunning features of the city.
  • Sail to one of the many stunning beaches the Bahamas has to offer. Stop by Pink Sands Beach for a bit of a unique experience or anchor in front of Blue Lagoon Island for a classic Caribbean beach day or to learn more about the pirates that were raging in the region in former times.
  • Atlantis Paradise Island Water Park makes for a fun day out in Nassau - not just for families, but also for people who have not yet lost their inner child
  • Eleuthera Island is the perfect spot to escape the craziness of the city for a while. Sunbathe under palm trees on sandy beaches after taking a refreshing dip in the sea.
  • The Ardastra Gardens & Wildlife Conservation Centre is the Bahamas first zoo. Originally it started as a breeding centre for flamingos as they were becoming scarce here, but today you can find all kinds of other animals in the zoo
  • Go back in time with Pirates of Nassau, a museum where you can learn more about pirates and their rummages in former times. We are sure that you will pick up a fact or two about pirates that you didn’t know before
  • Charter a private yacht when visiting the Bahamas. It is the best way to go around the islands and you can sail to beaches where no-one else is around. Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to have a stunning beach all to yourself?
  • Diving and snorkelling in the Bahamas should definitely be on your bucket list when visiting the islands. Offering some of the world’s nicest reefs, you get to see underwater wildlife up close
  • Head to Gold Rock Beach where ‘Pirates of the Caribbeans’ was filmed
  • Visit Pig Beach for an unforgettable beach day. The name has been given to this beach for a reason. A whole bunch of wild pigs live here and are super friendly to anyone coming near them. Otherwise the island is uninhabited. This is definitely a different kind of beach day that you won’t forget
  • Versailles Gardens in the middle of the Caribbean? Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Admire the architecture and lush green gardens. There are no entry fees or opening hours, but it is part of The Ocean Club, a fancy hotel.

Beaches in the Bahamas

  • Tropic of Cancer beach in Exuma is one of those beaches that looks like a windows screensaver. Turquoise waters, white sand and beautiful trees. What more could you ask for?
  • Cabbage beach is one of the most popular beaches on Paradise island. Expect it to become a little more crowded than some of the more remote beaches, but enjoy the equally beautiful scenery.
  • The Pink Sands Beach in the Bahamas is a special one. Pink shimmering sand makes this a particularly beautiful spot to stop on your sailing vacation.
  • Junkanoo Beach is a popular beach between Nassau and Arawak Cay. It is truly remarkable to find a beach with such clear water so close to the city.

Restaurants in the Bahamas

Casual dining in the Bahamas:

  • Pay a visit to Potter’s Cay or “the dock” as the locals call it. Located underneath the bridge to Paradise island, this strip of local eateries is the perfect place for anyone travelling on a budget
  • The New Duff is a Caribbean cafe located in Nassau where you can eat some delicious buns with some unique toppings. Try one of the chicken buns topped with coleslaw and a cup of delicious ginger tea
  • McKenzie's Fresh Fish and Conch is a must for any lovers of fish and chips. The highly praised conch salad is a must when eating here

Beach restaurants in the Bahamas:

  • Go to Crabs and Ting for a delicious lunch on the beach in Nassau. Come here for the spicy seafood and the stunning surroundings
  • Haulover Bay Bar & Grill Restaurant in Rolletown is a beach restaurant offering the most stunning views. Surrounded by turquoise waters and decorated with cozy wooden furniture, it is the perfect place to stop for a delicious meal after sailing a whole day around the island.

Fine dining in the Bahamas:

  • Cafe Matisse is a beautiful upscale restaurant offering mouth-watering Italian cuisine and seafood dishes. Set in a historic building, you can admire the beautiful tiles and elegant interior
  • Carna Restaurant is an American steakhouse located in Nassau. Order the highly praised crab cakes as appetizers and of course a juicy steak as a main.

Bars and Clubs in the Bahamas

  • Music lovers will head right to the Jazz Bar in Nassau. Enjoy the music while sipping on a tasty drink and nibbling on small seafood dishes
  • Pete's Pub And Gallery might seem like the classic restaurant/pub combo, but taking a closer look you’ll realise that there is more to this place than it might seem. Discover unique jewelry and sculptures inspired by the ocean and the surrounding nature
  • Charlie's Club in Nassau can be best described as a Caribbean dance hall where you will shake your booty all night long - literally! The club is open until the early hours of the morning
  • While the parents are out partying in one of the Bahamas many clubs, teenagers get to hang out in CRUSH which is a club specifically designed for teenagers aged 13 to 17

Explore the history of the Bahamas

Unlike the Seychelles, the Bahamas have been inhabited since around 500 AD. The first settlers arrived from other parts of the Caribbean. The Bahamas were later discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, but the first European settlement was only established in 1648 on Eleuthera. As so many other countries colonized by Europeans, the Bahamas also have a terrible past with slavery. The Queen’s staircase is an important building in Nassau, but is also a reminder of slave labour. Around 600 slaves built this staircase between 1793 and 1794.

Visit Parliament Square to admire the stunning architecture and step into the House of Assembly to witness Bahamian politics first hand. If you are lucky, you can watch a live political debate here. All important government buildings are located in this area.

Discover mystical Bahamas

Many myths and legends surround the Bahamas. One of them is the story of a scary sea monster said to live in the caves of Andros. Described as a creature that is half shark and half octopus, it is a legend used to describe the unexplainable disappearance of various ships in the area. Far more likely is a natural phenomenon that can occur at times and make the water swirl so hard that the ships that are just passing by are swallowed, never to be seen again. But one question remains: How do scientists explain the tentacles some eye-witnesses claimed to see?

Sailing conditions in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are part of the Caribbean islands which means that the islands are generally blessed with warm temperatures and sunny weather. However, as the Caribbean covers quite a large territory, the climate can vary on different islands.

While it is wise to avoid the Bahamas during Hurricane season (June-November), the winter months are the perfect time for a sailing adventure in the Caribbean. Between December and April you have ideal wind conditions ranging between 15-25 knots. It is warm, sunny and mostly dry.

If you are planning on sailing to the Bahamas from another location, you should bear in mind that sailing in an open ocean needs a lot of planning and expertise. The wind conditions make it the perfect sailing adventure, but keep in mind that the weather can be quite unpredictable and only experienced sailors should take the risk.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in the Bahamas?

Charter a yacht in the Bahamas for a luxury boat holiday. It is not a destination for budget travellers. On average it costs 205$ to rent a sailboat per person per day. More luxurious boats like a motor catamaran can be more expensive at 1000$ per person per day. A boat rental in the Bahamas can be made with or without a skipper. However, the price of hiring a skipper will be added to your bareboat charter.

What type of boat is best for sailing in the Bahamas?

The type of boat vacation you want to experience in the Bahamas will determine what kind of boat you should charter. Adventurous sailors will probably go for a sailboat to make the most of the ideal conditions in the Bahamas. Chartering a catamaran in the Bahamas is perfect for anyone who wants to explore the stunning beaches and hidden bays.

Rent a catamaran in the Bahamas

Pros of renting a catamaran in the Bahamas

Rent a catamaran in the Bahamas if you want to explore sandy white beaches and swim in turquoise waters in hidden bays. Catamarans are perfect for sailing in shallow waters. Without a keel there is no risk of hitting something deep down in the water. You can anchor super close to the shore and make the most of having a lot of the remote beaches completely to yourself. Sail to Tropic of Cancer beach or Pink Sands Beach for a fun day out.

Catamarans are often referred to as comfortable hotel rooms on water. The Catamaran Leopard 42 is a brand new catamaran with enough space for up to eight people. Its stunning interior invites you to enjoy your sailing vacation in the Bahamas to the fullest.

Cons of renting a catamaran in the Bahamas

One of the downsides of renting a catamaran in the Bahamas is its size. Of course you get to enjoy the spacious deck and rooms, but the size comes with a price. Marinas have limited space available for mooring. During high season it might be difficult to find a spot at a marina anyway, but with a big catamaran it can become even more difficult. Plus: The more space the boat needs at a marina, the more expensive it can get.

Rent a catamaran in the Bahamas

Rent a sailboat in the Bahamas

Pros of renting a sailboat in the Bahamas

Charter a sailboat in the Bahamas if you want to make the most of your sailing adventure here. Ideal wind conditions and the open ocean make it one of the best sailing destinations in the world. As Florida is only 50 miles away from the Bahamas, you might want to sail all the way to the Florida keys for a sailing adventure or sail from Florida to the Bahamas. If you don’t want to go to another country and prefer to see the Bahamas, don’t worry, there are more than 700 islands for you to choose from. Charter one of our most popular sailboats in the Bahamas, the Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 449 . Equipped with modern furniture and beautiful decor, this sailboat can host up to 10 guests, making it the perfect boat for a sailing vacation with a bigger family or a group of friends. You can rent the sailboat with or without a captain - depending on your sailing skills and your personal preferences.

As sailboats drive with the wind, you don’t have to worry about the costs for fuel. Increasing prices could really leave you with a juicy bill to pay. Contrary to the wind - which you get for free.

Cons of renting a sailboat in the Bahamas

While using the wind as an engine for sailing in the Bahamas is one its benefits, it can also be one of the downsides of renting a sailboat in the Bahamas. When the wind suddenly stops blowing, it might mean that you are stranded in the middle of the ocean. It won’t just be frustrating, it can also become quite dangerous as the weather on the ocean can be quite unpredictable at times.

Another disadvantage of chartering a sailboat in the Bahamas is the fact that the keel can prevent you from discovering some of the remote beaches, caves and grottos. They are not the ideal water vehicle to sail in shallow waters.

Rent a sailboat in the Bahamas

Rent a motorboat in the Bahamas

Pros of renting a motorboat in the Bahamas

Rent a motorboat in the Bahamas to discover the many islands and sandy beaches. They are fast and allow you to see many different spots in a day. Whether you want to just come here on a three day yacht charter or prefer to sail for a whole week, there are different types of motorboats for different kinds of needs and people. Motorboat Burger 112 · 1964 (refit 2014) · Bonaparte is one of the more luxurious motorboats available for chartering in the Bahamas. A jet ski is included in the boat charter, adding some extra fun to your sailing vacation - so is a crew that will take care of all your needs. This motorboat can hold up to six guests and is perfect for a week-long vacation with your family or friends.

Cons of renting a motorboat in the Bahamas

One of the downsides of renting a motorboat in the Bahamas is the fact that their tanks need to be filled. High speed means high costs for fuel. With the ever increasing costs this can be a hefty addition to your holiday bill.

Rent a motorboat in the Bahamas

Charter a luxury yacht in the Bahamas

Sail around the 700 islands in style, charter a luxury yacht in the Bahamas. This is the perfect vacation home for everyone with a big budget to spend on a sailing holiday. Spoil yourself with the luxury catamaran or motorboat of your dreams. Lots of space, luxury interior and all the amenities you could ask for. The Catamaran Lagoon 560 is a luxurious yacht available for chartering in Georgetown Harbour. Up to nine people find space in the modern bedrooms. Enjoy a delicious meal with all your friends on deck.

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in the Bahamas?

Renting a boat in the Bahamas means that you are required to carry a cruising permit. This can be obtained online prior to your arrival or in person when you enter one of the ports in the Bahamas. As it saves a lot of hassle, officials really appreciate it when you obtain the cruising permit online. This cruising permit is required for anyone looking at sailing in Bahamian waters and will be checked by officials.

Rent a boat with a skipper or captain in the Bahamas

Want to explore the Bahamas worry- and stress-free? Hire a yacht with a skipper. An experienced skipper will operate and navigate your boat safely through the Caribbean sea. If the weather suddenly changes, a skipper will know what to do and bring the boat to safety.

Sailing routes in the Bahamas

One of the most interesting sailing routes is the one where you rent a boat in Florida to sail to the Bahamas. Only separated by 50 miles, it is an amazing route for adventurous sailors. Sailing in open waters in ideal wind conditions is a dream come true for many people. After all, there is a reason why the Bahamas are one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world.

One of the most popular sailing routes in the Bahamas is starting your journey in Nassau and ending it there after discovering some of the most beautiful spots the many islands have to offer. Before setting sail, spend the day discovering the capital city with its wonderful buildings. The next day head to Highbourne Cay to discover incredible stromatolites, a super interesting reef in open water. Allen’s Cay is next on your list where you can stop some iguanas in the wild. One of the few places in the world where this is possible! Around 37 miles away from Nassau, this place looks like paradise and is surrounded by turquoise waters. Next head to Warderick Wells Cay. Ripped right out of a magazine, it is the perfect spot to sunbathe on one of the stunning remote beaches, and go snorkeling to explore some incredible coral reefs. If you’re feeling adventurous, go out to explore some of the caves that are scattered all around. Your next destination is Shroud Cay which is part of the Exuma Archipelago. If you have read ‘Robinson Crusoe’ you will immediately feel like an explorer arriving on this uninhabited island. Next up is Norman’s Cay where you can spend the day sunbathing AND visiting the ruins of one of the most notorious drug dealer’s old houses, Carlos Lehder, who smuggled loads of cocaine from the island to Florida. On your way back to Nassau, you should stop by Exuma Sand Bar for some amazing pictures. It is a popular tourist spot, but the view is well worth it.

Sailing Locations in the Bahamas

Charter a yacht in the Bahamas

Charter a yacht in Nassau

Charter a yacht in Marsh Harbour

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